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Two Ravens and One Crow: An Iron Druid Chronicles Novella

Two Ravens and One Crow  - Kevin Hearne,  Luke Daniels If you read this series, if you love this series, if you think naked women talking about baseball is hysterical, you must read this short story. I couldn’t have read this story at a better time; my beloved Detroit Tigers were taking it in the keister in the World Series and I really needed to laugh. There’s a scene where the Morrigan is relating to Atticus about how she watches baseball. That alone is worth the $2.99!!

I believe this story has a much higher purpose than illustrating the Morrigan’s attempt at understanding sports in the twenty-first century. This story ties up a HUGE amount of loose ends left over after Hammered and Tricked. Mr. Hearne has called this Iron Druid Chronicles 4.5 and has made it abundantly clear that it IS part of the series. As in you REALLY WANT TO READ THIS to know what’s going on next. And I whole-heartedly concur and recommend!!!


Do I even need to bother? The Morrigan, who always makes me laugh (yes, even when she eats dead bodies) is in rare form. I really think she is the number one most intriguing character in the series. You never know what direction she’s going to go in, unless she wants sex, then well…. She usually gets her way.

“Oh, Siodhachan. Are you suggesting I’m a sociopath? You always say the sweetest things.” – The Morrigan

She and Atticus even get a little philosophical about guilt. That discussion kind of blew me away. I won’t tell you any more, you can guess who else is in the story by the title, if you’ve read Hammered.

Setting / World Building

Mr. Hearne always does a fabulous job of taking my mind places I never would have imagined before. Without spoiling too much, I will tell you we get to leave the desert Southwest and head off to new, fabulous areas where we’ve never been. Unless you live in Norway…

Story / Tempo

The thing I liked best about this story was that it had both the excitement of battle and the intrigue of political games. Those nasty loose ends were cleanly tied up, new insights were made into past characters. And perhaps we’ll be seeing some more of the new characters introduced in Trapped and Hunted. I’m game.

And if Atticus ever keeps his promise to The Morrigan, I’d love for Mr. Hearne to make sure he captures that in writing and shares it with us! Please?