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Disclosure of the Heart

Disclosure of the Heart - Mary Whitney If you'll remember, I stumbled on Mary Whitney's Beside Your Heart and absolutely loved the unique story telling. Well, Ms. Whitney is back (finally - phew!) to let us know what happened to Nicki and Adam after high school. Honestly, if you haven't read Beside Your Heart, I really won't be spoiling anything for you. It's pretty well-known from the synopsis of book one that Nicki and Adam are not together after high school.

But now, fifteen and half years later, Adam is trying to get back into Nicki's life. The big question is, will she let him in?

Disclosure of the Heart begins immediately where Beside Your Heart left off, but from Nicki's point of view (POV). Coming face to face with Adam after all these years, old feelings surface. But it's not going to be that easy for Adam. There's the whole problem of their conflicting jobs. Oh, and a very jealous boyfriend of Nicki's. It's gets pretty messy before we get to our happily ever after (HEA). But rest assured, this time around we DO get a our HEA!!!

I still love the character of Nicki! She is one strong, self-assured, and smart girl. I really enjoyed reading about her work and how she strategized continuously, even after she left the office. Her entire life seemed like one big strategy game. But she's still a romantic at heart and that came through, too.

I felt like Adam came across a wee-bit "flatter", like less of his personality showed through, than it did in Disclosure of the Heart. There were moments in the story when Nicki would notice Adam looking at her a certain way and because we only had Nicki's POV, we were always left wondering what Adam was thinking. It was like a piece of the story was missing.

And this leads me to why I rated this book a 3.5 stars. I really love Nicki and Adam and I love the political slant to this romantic story. I truly loved the story overall! But I was conflicted for days on what I was going to rate this book. It just seemed like the book was so close to being perfect, but it just missed something that would have made it "fantastic" or "outstanding". Again, I'm struggling on how to get this across - loved the story but it just missed a piece of greatness? I think it was missing Adam's POV (yeah, duh...).

I really wanted to know right then and there in the story what Adam was thinking when he had that hurt look on his face or when he was scowling over a drink. I wish Ms. Whitney had written this book in a dual POV format with both Nicki and Adam's contrasting views.

But not to fret, Ms. Whitney did save Adam's POV for a book of his own. Forever Your Heart is Adam's story and it's expected to be published in early 2014. And YES, I will be reading it!

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