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Sterling (Mageri, #1)

Sterling (Mageri, #1) - Dannika Dark This book came out of nowhere to me. I stumbled upon it when the author "friend'ed" me here on GR. Of course, protocol dictates that I compare our books ~ a ton in common so great! A new friend! Then I saw she was an author and I read about her book... holy freakin' crap! This book sounds like all the books I love rolled into one! Reminds me a bit of Rachel Caine's Weather Warden series because the world is completely out of left field. It reminds me of Kalayna Price's Alex Craft series because of the strong female lead character. And it stands on it's own because the story is very original.

The pacing of the story was superb. Nothing is rushed and the ending is tied up very well.

There are huge gaping holes left open for future books, but nothing that isn't too overly distracting. I can see where they can be tied up in future stories.

I would have given the book 4.5 stars or even 5 stars just because I love the world and story so far except for the typos and grammatical errors. I know this happens with self-publishing and it gets better as more books come out. I will say this, I am a huge OCD nut over grammar, spelling and punctuation that I've found myself get distracted in mass market paperbacks by typos and obviously spell checked & replaced words. But with self-publishing, I give it a pass unless it is really, glaringly bad. In this case, it was only moderately worse than most mass market paperbacks.

It's definintely NOT worth skipping this book over!! As a 99cent ebook on Amazon, you really can't miss with this one. It is so worth a read!