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The Ghost Hunter (The Hunter #1)

The Ghost Hunter (The Hunter #1) - Lori Brighton 3.5 Stars
I don't usually do summaries of books for my reviews but I will in this case. I don't think the synopsis does the book the justice it deserves. The story points listed aren't really the main crux of the story so I want to add a little bit.

Ashley inherits an Inn in England from her Aunt and leaves her life in America behind to check out this "Pub" (as it's referred to in the book). Ashley has had a pretty tragic childhood but has survived to become a strong woman who knows what she wants and sticks to her ideals. This opportunity is the perfect "start over" she needs, after all she's been through, and to find the answers to questions she has.

Enter Cristian, a fallen angel warrior who is sentenced to eternity on Earth until he earns his way back into Heaven. His job is to deal with unwanted spirits. And like the synopsis says above, he needs another person to help him, a human who can see the spirits. So he's immediately drawn to Ashley. But he sees a weak human who has no idea of her powers so he intends to send her packing back to America for her own safety. And all the while, there's a big nasty living in Ashley's basement just waiting to get out.

Ms. Brighton has created an original world built around a small town in England where non-humans have gathered to live out a quiet life blending in. You'll meet ghosts, witches, werewolves, vampires and leprechauns. Throw in a fallen angel and you'd think you'd have a hot mess but it actually works. On the world building alone, I've added the next book in the series, Demon Hunter, to my TBR pile.

I think this is the best self-published book I've read in terms of grammar and spelling. Errors usually smile and wave to me but I didn't see one! The writing quality was outstanding, too.

Now, why did I only give it 3 1/2 stars? Now this is where my review gets ultra personal, as in my own tastes. I have a hard time with lines in books such as, "A lone light bulb struggled for life." Or, "The plants, brown skeletal remains, looked like they'd been attempting to escape across the stone stairs when they'd succumbed to death." Lines like those are a tad too dramatic for me. I understand the need to change up the way we say certain things. You certainly don't want to just say, "The plants were dead." You'd lose a lot of readers that way. But I personally like my pictures painted with fewer pretty words.

The other thing I got hung up on? Throughout this story, every character at some point, maybe multiple times, likes to chew on their bottom lip. I could see it once but it started to get on my nerves when other characters started to do it. I know, I'm weird, just stating the obvious....

But, please, despite my OCD hangups, don't get me wrong, this book is a great start to a series and I can't wait to see what happens in the next book. I'd say who it happens to but that would ruin THIS book so don't read the synopsis of Demon Hunter until you read Ghost Hunter!! You'll be happier that way.