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I work at a library and read a ton! I read UF, PNR, SF and the young adult versions of the above. I'm currently reading the heck out of new adult so you can say I read contemp romance, too! I work at St. Clair County Library System - Main Branch, Port Huron, Michigan.

My Soul to Keep (Soul Screamers, #3)

My Soul to Keep (Soul Screamers, #3) - Rachel Vincent Wow, and we're back to awesome! After My Soul To Save, Rachel Vincent came back with number 3 in her Soul Screamers series with a great big bang! And this one isn't just a light read, it comes in with a heavy story plot that weighs you down all the way to the ending.

Even though I'm reading this series late in game (see release date above), I have successfully managed to steer clear of any spoilers, especially for this book. Going in, I had no clue how the story ended. I'm not about to give anything away, though ;) No spoiler zone here! But I had no clue who else, besides Kaylee and Nash's friends, was addicted to Demon's Breath! I was that clueless. I had my guesses but I never wanted to believe it was who it was!

And how complex and riveting the ending became with everything out in the open! I was completely devastated and never saw any of it coming. That, to me, is a great read! Every relationship in the book was ratcheted up a notch, characters who let me down last book redeemed themselves and Kaylee stayed true to who she was. I was miserable right there with Kaylee.