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The Vengeance of the Vampire Bride (Vampire Bride, #2)

The Vengeance of the Vampire Bride (Vampire Bride, #2) - Rhiannon Frater 4.5/5
After the intense ride of The Tale Of The Vampire Bride, it was a welcome relief to relax (a little) as Lady Glynis embraces her role as Countess Dracula and begins to unfurl her plans to exact revenge on all those that made her life, um, HELL in the first book. And even though this second book in the Vampire Bride series is a tad bit lighter, I could not walk away from this one for longer than maybe a pee-break or two. I was seriously camped out on the couch with snacks and drink surrounding me for the duration.

Where the first book focused on Glynis, Vlad and the brides, Vengeance takes off and adds some really fantastic characters. I’m actually amazed that Ms. Frater could add so many characters to a story and not one of them got lost in the story nor made the story feel overwhelmed and without plot. Each and every character had a role in the story. Some I wanted to see more than others (Ahem, Ignatius!) Some less than others (oh, Katya, what are we going to do with you?) And some just left me wondering what they’re going to do next and why are they there (Percy?). My favorites? It would have to be Adem and Magda, with Laura coming up a close third.

Next, I absolutely love where Frater has taken her Vampire Bride world in this sequel. Instead of having to spend her time introducing her world to the reader, Ms. Frater takes the opportunity to use all her characters to build up a new “supernatural” world for Glynis to assimilate into.

While we learn about this new world with Glynis, Glynis struggles with her identity and figuring out who she can trust. If that wasn’t enough, she still has to enact her plans for revenge and get her love, Ignatius, back into her life. And because Glynis knows very little about vampire law or protocol, she’s going to make mistakes along the way, which only ups the excitement. Add in the cranky fallen angel Astir and the brother/sister House of Gavril and Frater works her writing magic up to the astonishing ending that had me gasping (seriously, I was gasping!) for more!

Notice I’ve said nothing about the plot? No spoilers here, sorry!

You’re probably wondering why I only gave Vengeance a 4.5 instead of 5. Well, there was a bit of a lull (for me anyways) about a quarter of the way in that lasted for maybe a chapter that, frankly, surprised me that it was even there. Frater is such a succinct, well worded, fluent writer that I didn’t expect to have a point in the story where I actually thought, “Hey, Glynis! Get off your butt, stop over thinking and do something!!”.

Yes, I do talk to characters regularly. But only if the book wraps me up and takes me away to the world inside. Obviously, Ms. Frater was able to transport me back to Buda in 1820. Rhiannon Frater is that talented of an author and I suggest you read anything of hers you can get your hands on, including the Vampire Bride series.

As for the next book in the Vampire Bride series, you’re going to have to wait until 2013 for The Lament of the Vampire Bride (Vampire Bride #3).