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Losing It (Losing It, #1)

Losing It - Cora Carmack So… I’m trolling on Goodreads and I come across someone reading Losing It. Or, more precisely, the unbelievably freaking-hot-piece-of-man-candy on the cover caught my eye. Is this cover not one of the scorching-est things you’ve ever seen??? Hold on a sec, I need to scroll up and get my fix….

Once I got past Mr. Mc-”you can stare down at me any day” and read the synopsis, I ran over to Amazon to pick up what looked like a terribly funny read. Who doesn’t want to witness the awkwardness of having your almost one-night-stand be your professor?? I was in a lull and I needed a fun read. Problem solved with a BANG!!! I read this in one sitting, staying up late to finish it. Then I started it over the next day just to relive the fun. Hey, some books just strike you that way. This was one of those for me.

Story / Tempo

As the synopsis says, Bliss is almost done with college and has just admitted to her friend Kelsey that she’s still a virgin. Kelsey takes it upon herself to rectify this situation by dragging Bliss to a bar to meet a guy. What ensues is a nice balance of Bliss’s quirky self-analysis and a woven mess of a “relationship” with Garrick, the “one night stand” that wasn’t.

This is a fast, quick read that flows nicely. Like I said, I really didn’t put this down except for the necessary breaks. I equate this story to what you would get if ABC Family Channel had their own version of “Adult Swim”. All kinds of clean naughtiness goes down in the funnest, romantic ways.

"It was the sun, and it held me in its arms, called me by name, touched me from forehead to toes. I fell asleep cradled in the sky in the arms of a star." – Bliss


What was also fun for me was reading about the college theater world. I don’t know how accurate it is but I could really picture it all in my head. My brother was a theater major and I remember all the camaraderie backstage and the little bubble-world they lived in. I always love a book that can help me escape to a world, setting, or culture I’ve never been to. And being in college and drunk a night or two… well, that’s always a great trip down memory lane.


Because I’ve been to college and I know what happens there (*cough, cough*), I thought I was going to have a hard time believing in Bliss’s virginity. But just a few pages in, we’re given the explanation so you don’t have to spend long wondering what her hangups are. You already see the train coming, you just have to move the broken down car in front of it to see what’s going to happen.

Enter Garrick… oh I love me a Brit. Dare I say that as soon as any Brit utters the word, “luv” in a book, I’m immediately picturing Bones from Frost’s Night Huntress series? But, I had the eye-candy on the front cover to help me get over the Bones comparison. What is interesting is that Ms. Carmack didn’t go into too much detail about what our characters looked like. We have some detail on Garrick courtesy of Bliss (since she’s our narrator). But in regards to what Bliss herself looked like, there just aren’t many details. I liked having the ability to picture her as I saw fit. Garrick was an older version of hot cover guy.

So, if you need a happy book, a happy place, or just a nice quick read after reading a 500-page whopper about a moody vampire set in a dark, dystopian world where everyone is starving to death, this one just might be it for you. Me? I just turned off my brain for a while, kicked back and let it suck me in for a night (and a half!)… I think I’ll skim it tonight again just for giggles!!!

And even though Cora Carmack has signed on with Harper Collins (this just happened in late November/early December! YAY!), this book is still only $3.79 (okay, you’re getting it $0.20 cheaper than I paid!!). Still not sure? You can read the first chapter over at The YA Sisterhood. They hosted Ms. Carmack’s blog tour back in October. Scroll down and you’ll find it. If you’re not interested after reading that….

… I’ve got nothing.