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I work at a library and read a ton! I read UF, PNR, SF and the young adult versions of the above. I'm currently reading the heck out of new adult so you can say I read contemp romance, too! I work at St. Clair County Library System - Main Branch, Port Huron, Michigan.

Cornerstone (Cornerstone, #1)

Cornerstone (Cornerstone, #1) - Misty Provencher This is a story that will not be what you expect. I was completely taken by surprise by the depth of characters, world building, and the actual story. There’s a little sci-fi, there’s romance (duh), and there’s a whole world built up that kind of skirts religion but isn’t… or is it? It’s up to you to decide. Me? I go the spiritualism route on this one.

I loved Nali because she was a typical teenager who desperately wanted to be normal, not to be considered weird, but still fiercely loves her mom. And she’s not a fool; she wisely doesn’t trust Garrett when she first meets him. Just following Nali as she meets all the new “characters” in her life as she discovers who she is and what the truth truly is about her life was so much fun. I really had a hard time sticking to the Read-A-Long schedule. As it was, by the last couple of weeks, I couldn’t help myself and I finished the book and started the next one before the Read-A-Long was done.

It was because of the “knocked me out of my seat” ending that I just couldn’t wait to start the next book in the series. Ms. Provencher held back nothing with her ending of this book. I was really impressed that she took it up a notch from cruising along with a great story to, “holy crap she did not just do that!”

Right now it’s a free e-book (as of 3/7/13). Seriously, you’ve got nothing to lose!