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Mercy, A Gargoyle Story

Mercy, A Gargoyle Story - Misty Provencher This is one heck of a dark read. I started reading this book a few days before Christmas. Not a good idea. I put it down because it just isn’t a happy story. This is one viciously dark, disturbing tale. But I have to tell you first: I’m not a big fan of dystopian novels because of the depressing nature of the setting. I like my books full of fast action, happiness, love, hot men, smart chicks…. basically a Michael Bay film on ‘roids. But this story really grabbed me in, took my soul and squeezed it hard.

From the very start, you know this isn’t a typical urban fantasy. Ms. Provencher is writing about gargoyles – awesome!! I love gargoyles!!! But her gargoyles have a world all their own and Ms. Provencher does a great job building it up. I think she really could have spent a ton more time on world building but for the sake of one book, she did what she could with what time she had. And it was enough to satisfy me. Character development was okay but what really drove the plot was the story. I had no clue where this was going, what was going to happen, and I was often confused on what was happening (but it was the good confused, the kind I like to be, where everything unfolds in front of you).

Honestly, not everyone is going to like this one. Its dark subject matter isn’t really for kiddies or the weak of heart. Or, maybe you think it is; if you’re a parent, that’s your job to decide. I, personally, had trouble with it. But I can see the story for what it is – a great dark tale with excellent Misty Provencher writing.