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Full of Grace  (Companion Book to Hale Maree) - Misty Provencher How good can a female author be at writing a male voice in a book? In this case, enough to sweep me up for a day and fall completely in love with a total guy’s guy named Landon!

We first meet Landon in Hale and Oscar’s story, Hale Maree. Full of Grace immediately picks up where Hale Maree ended (yay!). Landon is nursing a bruised ego but thoroughly enjoying himself at Hale and Oscar’s wedding. He’s paired up in the wedding party with Sher, Hale’s best friend in the entire world. We all know I’m not a recap-er so I’ll just stop here and say that we all know what happens at a wedding – everybody is looking at everyone else with stars in their eyes and liquor on their brains.


Ms. Provencher over and over again demonstrates her writing flexibility from one book to the next and this book is no different! She does an amazing job capturing Landon and a total guy’s point of view. Better yet, a 24 year old guy’s point of view! I had so much fun reading Landon! He made me giggle, cringe, and swoon from one page to the next. And the best part was that Ms. Provencher didn’t focus on any “Cinderella” aspect to the story! I noticed that not once was there mention of what kind of car Landon drove, where he worked or what he did for a living, what kind of clothes he wore – he was just Landon, the character.

And then there was Sher, just the frightened 18 year old girl who’s trying desperately to live her life the way she wants. In the case of the subject of this story, I’m actually quite glad we’re not in her head listening to her thoughts. We get to see her thought processes acted out in actions, not words. I really didn’t think that much of Sher in Hale Maree but by the end of this book, I really liked her.
For you Oscar and Hale fans, there’s plenty of them in this story making small cameos. But who really steals the show is Landon’s sister, Gina. I would love to have her for my best friend any day!!!!!


Yes, Ms. Provencher is at it again with provocative story lines. I won’t go into too much detail about the story but there’s more going on than just Landon’s rights to the baby. And the absolutely best part is, this book won’t weigh you down with heavy, deep, sorrowful, sad feelings after you read it. It’s actually a pretty fun, hysterical at times story that flies by and is over way too quickly!!! I seriously read this in one evening. I’ve never done that before.

‘Nuff said.

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