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The Hollows Insider: New fiction, facts, maps, murders, and more in the world of Rachel Morgan

The Hollows Insider: New Fiction, Facts, Maps, Murders, and More in the World of Rachel Morgan - Kim Harrison The best "World Book" or Insider Guide I've seen so far!! If you're a fan of the Hollows series, you'll definitely want this for your collection. If you're one of those readers that can wait for the paperbacks to come out because you're cheap, meh, you can skip this one. But I must stress, this IS the guidebook that all others will be judged against from now on. It highlights the entire series by following a human blogger/journalist as he tries to uncover the "conspiracy" behind Rachel Morgan. Included are dossiers on all the characters, recipes, spells, and memos from Trent to Jon and Quen (which is nice because you get their POVs).

The graphics are incredible. The concept is original. Add in the story woven through that has an ending that came out of nowhere (didn't see that one coming!!), and this book is a definite must have.

The only reason why I didn't give it 5 stars is because I would have liked to have seen a more stand alone short story with Rachel's voice in there. Just my personal opinion....