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I work at a library and read a ton! I read UF, PNR, SF and the young adult versions of the above. I'm currently reading the heck out of new adult so you can say I read contemp romance, too! I work at St. Clair County Library System - Main Branch, Port Huron, Michigan.

Chain Reaction (Perfect Chemistry Novels)

Chain Reaction - Simone Elkeles You say you've never heard of the Perfect Chemistry series? Who are the Fuentes brothers? Come out from under that rock already!!! Even if you're not a fan of YA, you will enjoy/like/love/obsess over this series (take your pick)!!!

Even though this was not my favorite out of the three books in the series, I still really liked this book. I love Elkeles writing style, her pacing, and the depth to her stories. The only reason why I didn't enjoy this story as much as previous ones is because Luis got a little too predictable for my tastes. I found myself wanting to smack him up-side his head for his decisions. But well written stories make you feel strong emotions towards their characters (unless it's a horrible book, then it's strong emotions towards the author). Bully to Elkeles for making me feel for this couple in the end! She can write a love story!!!

Um... I've got nothing else... just read the series already!!! When you get to this one, read it for the closure for all the characters ~ you'll be glad you did!