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My Soul to Take (Soul Screamers Book 1)

My Soul to Take - Rachel Vincent About a year or two ago I had heard about this series from Rachel Vincent. So I looked it up and read the synopsis for My Soul To Take, book one in the series. It really didn't grab me so I didn't think much about adding the series to my TBR pile. But as I've gotten more involved in the YA genre, I couldn't stop hearing about how great this series is. Just about every single one of my "friends" was a fan of the series. So, My Soul To Take made it onto my TBR pile, the Soul Screamers Reading Challenge came along and the rest, they say, is history.... I've got a new series to LOVE!!

About that synopsis above: it is totally lame and does the book no justice at all! There is so much more to the story. We start off joining Kaylee and her best friend, Emma, sneaking into a dance club/bar. It's there that Kaylee meets Nash Hudson, the "hottest guy in school" and a player (gets all the girls, blah, blah, blah, you know what I mean - I'm just too old to know what the "kids" call it these days). Kaylee just can't figure out why Nash is paying attention to her. And there starts the journey of Kaylee discovering the truth behind her screams (she calls them "panic attacks").

I absolutely love Ms. Vincent's writing (hmmmm, I think I said that before somewhere but it bears repeating). She takes us through those first exciting days of young lust when boy meets girl. She writes a very believable typical teenager (example: Kaylee can't figure out what's wrong with herself so she starts thinking she has cancer, the go-to diagnosis for everything unexplainable). The world she has created is presented to us at the same time Kaylee's discovering it herself. It's a fast, easy read.

I don't recall a boring moment in the entire book. It was the non-stop, continuous excitement that had me carrying the book around with me throughout my day to read in every down moment available.

I'm finding that with this series, I seem to have nagging questions lingering after each story (I did after My Soul To Lose). Here's my questions to discover later:

How old is Nash?
Is Nash really, naturally, attracted to Kaylee or is it something else (I can't spoil anything!)? Tod seems to be more naturally interested in Kaylee. Hmmmm.....