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Alien Diplomacy (Alien Novels)

Alien Diplomacy - Gini Koch 3.5 stars
I still remember the day I picked up Gini Koch's first book in this series, Touched by an Alien, in the bookstore and read the back cover. I thought to myself, "Well, this is quite bizarre. I bet it's hysterical. I think I'll give it a shot." And since then, I've frantically waited in between books to get my fix of brilliant dialogue, witty humor, completely discombobulated iPod mixes (who listens to "Cold" by Tears for Fears?!) with extremely hot lovin' mixed in. Books one through four have all, but one, been 5 star reviews from me (Alien In The Family was 4.5). Gini Koch is one of my favorite authors, period... end of sentence.

When your favorite authors write a series you follow, there's sometimes one book that comes along that just doesn't "do it" for ya. Sadly, this book was my "meh" book of the series.

I enjoyed getting caught up with Jeff and Kitty. I was looking forward to seeing how they were faring with the new addition to their family, Jamie. After Ms. Koch's previous book in the series, Alien Proliferation, I was ready for something a little lighter, perhaps back to fun times that dominated the first book. But I got a little bogged down with trying to remember all the new character's names and their roles in the landscape or grand scheme. We didn't get a chance to see where all the old characters were before we started meeting, like, 10 new characters. Ahhhhh!!! I was almost ready to make a pivot chart in PowerPoint to keep track of it all.

It also seemed to me that interactions between Kitty and some of the "older", established characters, particularly Christopher, her mom and dad, and Paul were cut short to make room for new characters. This left those short, little appearances kind of flat and didn't showcase the other character's synergistic personality.

But, the thing is, Kitty is Kitty and will always be a brilliant mess! I'll always read her adventures because Gini Koch is freaking hysterical. Who quotes Buckaroo Banzai and refers to it for more than a paragraph??? Seriously, folks! We're talking a classic, cult, horrible sci-fi movie that came out when I was a kid. I loved that stupid movie!! And I quoted that quote all the time!!

But I digress...

Still, you get your brilliant dialogue, witty humor, completely messed up beyond all recognition iPod playlist and some seriously hot lovin' in this installment of the Kitty Katt series (you may want to take notes on the latter). Just be ready for lots of diplomacy and not so much alien.