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My Soul to Steal (Soul Screamers, Book 4)

My Soul to Steal - Rachel Vincent I freakin' read this in one day. Oh, you need more proof it's a good book? Hmmmm....

Rachel Vincent delivers yet another emotional roller coaster of a ride in this forth installment of her Soul Screamers series. At this point in her series, Ms. Vincent is able to keep old characters interesting and introduce new characters with incredible depth. The writing is again tight, quick and without a lull in sight.

So, to this point in the series, I declare I'm all for Team Nash. He's had me charmed since the very beginning. And I firmly believe the situation he's been put in, being addicted to demon's breath, is no one's fault but the result of an accident. I think he truly loves Kaylee with his whole heart.

And that is why this book was such a heart-breaker for me. Nash wants Kaylee back. He'll do anything she says to win her back. Enter the ex-girlfriend, Sabine, who will do anything Nash says to win him back.

I couldn't put it down! I kept wondering what Sabine was going to do next. Ms. Vincent wrote an amazing character in Sabine. You truly didn't know what she was capable of doing but by the end, you saw the fragile side of her. I found myself thinking, "Ugh, there's no way out!! No solution!" because I really felt for Sabine. Oh, she drove me nuts, but I still felt horrible for her.

Speaking about feeling horrible for someone, Kaylee just can't catch a break, can she? I wish she would just have some happiness for a while. And what she goes through in this book, I couldn't have handled it half as well as she did!

All you Team Tods ~ yeah, he's in there, but he totally pissed me off! Of course, I can't tell you why but if you read enough other reviews, you'll get the gist. To this day, I still don't forgive him.

Because I sooooo don't want to spoil anything about this story, all I can really give you are my feelings about the characters and the overall writing. Sorry, but you really don't want to know more, trust me!