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Lethal Rider. Larissa Ione (Lords of Deliverance 3)

Lethal Rider - Larissa Ione 4.5 stars!!!
Please, don't judge a book solely on it's synopsis. Lethal Rider is more than its synopsis and it considerably makes up for what Immortal Rider lacked. The third entry in Larissa Ione's Lords of Deliverance series is focused, the dialogue is riveting, and the action has you thinking, "Oh no they did not just do that - unbelievable!". And my favorable review has nothing to do with the fact that Thanatos is my favorite horseman ~ I'll take dark, brooding and quirky sense of humor any day! But here's why book three is the best in the series so far:

I'm going to stay as spoiler-free as possible ~ that's how I roll...

I need to first go back to the previous book in the series, Immortal Rider. I was extremely uncomfortable with the way Thanatos and Regan "got it on", "did the deed", what have you, and what it was set up to look like. But right from the start of Lethal Rider, we find out that Regan had the same problem, too. The story studied the emotional toll on both Regan and Thanatos and what their decisions would ultimately be in regards to each other and the baby. This wasn't a heavy analysis of why what happened, happened. Ms. Ione gives us the solution and at the same time we get a character study of both Than and Regan. Brilliant, I say. And absolutely a stunning, hot read!!! Makes complete sense why it was written the way it was, trust me!!!

The thing I liked the most about this book was that it stayed focused on Than and Regan. Very few times did the story take off in other directions on other story lines. When it did, it was related to the main plot line. I loved how focused the entire book stayed while still taking us to see the fun stuff like Reaver and Harvester or Underworld General Hospital (UGH ~ best acronym ever!)

Lastly, the action and level of violence - phenomenal. Lets just say Ms. Ione's imagination is in need of some downers or something because the action scenes and torture methods her imagination is coming up with... holy crap!!! Give that woman's imagination a vacation or something!! It needs a relaxing trip beachside to think happy thoughts and sip Mai-tais.

Thank you, Grand Central Publishing (through NetGalley), for providing me a copy of Lethal Rider for my un-biased review.