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ReVamped: (Angel Creek Book 1)

ReVamped - Ada Adams I could tell right away that Ada Adams is fan of pop culture. Oh, I'm only speculating here, of course. But there's no other way to explain how she was able to combine some of my favorite geeky, guilty pleasures into one fun, easy read. If I was to sit down and write a YA book for myself, I'd go through all my favorite themes from television, movies and books and shove them into one story. Somehow, it feels like Ms. Adams did that and made it work for this charming, fresh new take on vampires.

In Ms. Adams' world, vampires have come out of hiding to a world that adores them. Maintaining the peace between the vampires and humans is a president and his council (a Scarlet House for the vampire president, no less!) But there are rebel vampires running around and humans in the cities need vampire guardians to protect them. Dawn, the vampire president's sheltered daughter, has her first mission and that's to go to a small town, round up the remaining vampires who haven't gone to Hollywood seeking fame, and train them to be the town's new guardians.

If you're looking for violence, torture and angst-ridden whining, it ain't here. What you get is a motley crew of less than stellar vampires that Dawn is tasked with whipping into shape. You've got a just-turned computer/gaming geek, a perpetual cheerleader in search of a prom crown who you immediately want to throttle, a character from a Merchant Ivory film and finally someone who can only be described as either Vince Neil or Bret Michaels but I picture as Sebastian Bach from his days on Gilmore Girls. Add in two hot dudes to get Dawn tongue tied over and I wasn't putting this story down very often.

There's some nicely scripted fight scenes, lots of weapons and life threatening injuries. The writing style is quick, easy to read and engaged me immediately. If you want a fun read, perfect for summer, completely appropriate for YA, and not your typical vampire fest, this is your book! And at only $2.99 on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, what do you have to lose? Only a cheap coffee...

A great big thank you to Ada Adams for providing this book to me for my un-biased review.