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The Tale of the Vampire Bride

The Tale Of The Vampire Bride - Rhiannon Frater If you like your vampires classically wicked, nasty and powerful, you'll love this nightmare of a tale from Rhiannon Frater!

Frater has become known as of late for her zombie trilogy, As The World Dies, and the hugely popular The Last Bastion of the Living: A Futuristic Zombie Novel. But before zombies, I think she loved her vampires a bit more. Case in point, the classic and sophisticated nightmare-ish tale of The Vampire Bride.

Told in the first person through diary entries, Lady Glynis Wright is a nineteen year old English aristocrat whose parents are bound and determined to marry her off despite her protests. Glynis refuses to play nice while meeting potential suitors. On a last ditch effort to find her a husband, the family heads to Hungary to meet Count Vlad Dracula. Dracula, a name of prestige and wealth in society, soon becomes the true meaning of evil to Glynis.

I had been hearing about author Rhiannon Frater all over the blogs and how terrific her books were. Not having read a lot of zombie books, I decided to start with her Vampire Bride series, a genre I know and love. I started reading urban fantasy with Anita Blake so my first love is Jean-Claude and I will always love him most. He might have some competition, though. We'll have to see...

I absolutely loved getting into this vampire tale fraught with evil, true love and ultimately tortured souls that had me feeling empathy for the bad guy at moments. Truly, sometimes even I wasn't sure who the bad guys were. Ms. Frater convincingly had my emotions shredded back and forth consistently throughout the entire length of the book. If the rest of the book sucked, I would have given this book 5 stars on the ending alone!

The pace of the book was timed perfectly. There were absolutely no lulls in the story where I felt comfortable putting the book down. And I connected with each and every character, even peripheral characters whose motivations I quickly understood even as briefly as they were "on the scene".

Ms. Frater doesn't hold anything back in the horror, torture and evil departments. This is NOT a light, breezy read. I think I like that most about the story. There is no dancing around the subject here! Hold on!

It IS a great, classic vampire tale for the mature audience; for those of us who can appreciate a dark tale of despair, love and hope. I think all vampire fans MUST read this book, if not for the sheer pleasure of reading a good book, but to read an example of what a classic vampire, in my opinion, truly is in literature.