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Moonglow (Darkest London)

Moonglow  - Kristen Callihan I requested this book on NetGalley on a lark (I’m old, I use funny words sometimes, sorry). I saw Moonglow was published by Forever, the romance arm of Grand Central Publishing (which is part of Hachette Book Group). Being a huge fan of Larissa Ione, who writes for Forever, I had an inkling that I might like this book. I have to say, “I ROCK (cheers *clink*)”! I totally scored a new favorite author to follow!

Major disclaimer here: I did not read the first book in this series, Firelight. I honestly missed it! So I was a little leery to read Moonglow. I was afraid that I would miss important components to the story or that I would miss out on some of the impact of the story. I can’t honestly answer either of these questions. I can say that on its own, this book absolutely rocks on so many levels.

1. I love the Sherlock Holmes/Dr Watson-esque banter between Ian and Daisy. It absolutely fits into the story. It illustrates how clever Daisy is and it shows Ian’s soft side towards Daisy. And, frankly, it’s just smart and entertaining!

2. The story is strong on both the romance and mystery elements. The romance is steamy while being sweet and slow building at the same time. And while it does have some typical romance elements (alpha male, down-trodden maiden), it’s more atypical than typical. And woven through the romance is a “twisty” mystery that had me flipping back pages to see if I could piece together the mystery before the end of the book. Note to self and those like me with short attention spans: don’t put down mysteries for more than a day, you’ll be confused when you pick it back up. I was forced to do this once (it wasn’t easy, trust me) and I had to backtrack a bit to get back in the game. Backtracking wasn’t painful by any means :D.

3. Awesome world building and characters! We’re treated to a lycan world that is slightly different from what I’ve read before. The lycans are still the brutish animals we know well but in this world, Ms. Callihan draws a distinction between lycans and werewolves. I won’t go into details because it adds to the story to not know until it’s revealed. We’re also introduced to awesome new characters and races that are so incredibly original, I’m afraid of Ms. Callihan’s dreams. My faves? Jack Talent (duh!) and Mary Chase! Mary’s character is of a race that is so freaking cool! They’re called GIMs or Ghost in the Machine. That’s all I’ll say because it IS pretty unique.

What I enjoyed most out of Moonglow (besides the hotness between Ian and Daisy) was that the story didn’t go in typical directions. The story started off with Ian in an odd situation (I’ve got to leave it at that), not something you see often in a romance. Then, off course, there’s the turns the mystery takes throughout the book. Finally, the ending was not at all what I expected! Personally, it wasn’t the ending I was hoping for. But that’s just my tastes. I applaud where Ms. Callihan decided to take the story and that she threw me a curveball at the end.

I absolutely CAN NOT wait for Winterblaze, the third book in the series, to be released next February 2013. Isn’t that cover absolutely breathtaking?! I’m hoping that story will explain more about the sisters (Miranda from Firelight, Daisy and their sister, Poppy, whom Winterblaze is focused around if the title and cover are any indication).