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Wings of the Wicked (Angelfire)

Wings of the Wicked - Courtney Allison Moulton I hunted this book down in February 2012. I had to have a signed copy and I found it at a Barnes and Noble in Ann Arbor, MI. And then it promptly sat on my book shelf for a year. I totally suck. For some stupid reason I have all these awesome books sitting on my shelves not getting read. So when it came time for the final book in the Angelfire trilogy to come out, I had to get cracking and read Wings of the Wicked. Yup, further proof I suck. Awesome books do indeed sit on my shelves. This middle sister in this trilogy did not disappoint!

Setting / World Building

So why was I hunting this particular book down? It’s freaking set near my home turf in Detroit, Michigan. Yes, Ms. Moulton is a Michigan author. We call those local authors and we have some of the best around!

Being an urban fantasy, world building is at a minimum. With the “world” being set in our time and with Ellie’s secret out, there is more time spent in this book trying to keep the battles out of the public eye. Because, yikes, Bastian has hired some big ‘ole nasties to come for Ellie this time around.


As Ellie battles these big ‘ole nasties, she remembers more of who she is and actually unleashes some cool powers she discovers inside her. We also get to meet some characters from her past and that’s always a blast. Will it be an awkward, “do I know you?” or an “I remember you” and she smashes their face in?

What Ms. Moulton does great in this second book in the trilogy is add pivotal characters to the story and at the same time bring forward background characters without bogging down the plot with too many characters. The new characters Ms. Moulton added to the story are crazy fierce and evil and you just have to love some evil-ness in your story. We’re talking worse than Bastian! And we get more Nathaniel and Lauren – both of whom I dearly adore together (*sigh*).
I kind of wish they had their own spin off story: beauty and the geek – a love story.

Oh, and Cadan… why are you such a perfect bad boy?

Story / Tempo

So, why only a 4 “star” review and not a 5? This is one heck of a loooooonnng book. I, and just me personally, have attention deficit disorder when it comes to long books. I’m one to see how long a movie is and if it’s longer than two hours, I will think twice about sitting still in a theater to watch. I actually look at my watch to see when a movie or tv show is going to start wrapping up to the conclusion. I have absolutely no patience. I wanted to get to the conclusion of this book. Oh, I enjoyed the ride – I just wanted to get there quicker.

It wasn’t because of the lack of action or fight scenes. Oh my, it had some gruesome stuff! And trust me, I was HUGELY rewarded for the epic ending!!! I can still picture a scene where Nathaniel goes to get his guns in his house. That is absolutely NOT a spoiler :) But when a written scene sits with you, you know it’s good.

Overall, as a second book, this one stands up tall and waves. I’m just quirky about long books.

By the way, I’m Team Will (sorry, he’s too perfect)…