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Wicked Kiss (Harlequin Teen)

Wicked Kiss - Michelle Rowen Wicked Kiss is the second and LAST book in Michelle Rowen’s Nightwatchers series. I had no clue! Going in, I was reading Wicked Kiss like it was just another book in a series. Boy was I surprised when it ended! And not knowing it was the last one, I think that made the “read” that much more great and “OH MY GOD!”

oh… um, sorry? I thought you knew… Well, it’s still a great book that ties up those nasty loose ends we were left with last time. And I think Michelle Rowen even read my review of Dark Kiss because she took my advice and completely upped Samantha’s snarkiness and sold me on the bad-girl-gone-straight persona she was going for in Dark Kiss. Who am I kidding?!?! Ms. Rowen would NEVER have read my review, but she did address every little hang up I had last time around. But we’re not here to discuss that book. We’re here to talk about Bishop and Sam!!


Wicked Kiss picks right up after the tragic ending of Dark Kiss. It’d been a while since I read Dark Kiss so I was glad that Ms. Rowen re-capped during the first few chapters. Samantha is still without her soul so she’s out looking for Stephen, who hopefully still has it. It’s great to see Sam taking charge of her life! She’s not going to sit around waiting for Bishop to fix her life for her! And boy do I love her snark and come-backs! It’s ON and it’s set at 11!! Niiiiice! Especially with side characters playing bigger roles this time around. Sam dishing tons of sass to Kraven again but he’s causing new trouble this time. And a total surprise for me was how much I ended up liking Sam’s nemesis, Jordan.

Bishop is the same brooding, quiet warrior as before. But unfortunately for him, Sam has ways of finding out about his past. Amazing stuff there! What a messed up past he and Kraven had. I’ll just leave it at that.

Story / Tempo

What I enjoy most about Michelle Rowen’s writing is the pace she keeps her story going at. She can write some good urban fantasy (and she’s written enough of it!) She does it quick, clean, and well thought through. Not only does Ms. Rowen manage to ramp up the story by adding more obstacles in Sam’s quest to get her soul back from Stephen, but she also adds twists and that most awesome, “bet you didn’t see that coming!!”. Yep, I loved that moment! I’d like to say I sort of saw it coming, but I gotta be honest… wow, didn’t see it! A lot of reviewers I read said that this book was predictable so take my reaction with a grain of salt, I guess. Apparently I’m only a 40Watt bulb :) – you know, not so bright?

Best part of the book, though… the ending. Having not known the book was the last book in the “series”, I was completely thrown out of the rollercoaster car only to be able to climb back in after the last loop. Phew, that was close! Loved the closing scene!!

Ms. Rowen could write more books in the series but she’s so busy with other books and she hasn’t been contracted for any more so I guess that’ll do it for Sam and Bishop. *sniff, sniff* Oh, what about Kraven?!?! *sob!!* There’s a really great blog post about the series and this book in particular at Michelle Rowen’s website (click HERE)! While at her site, you can also read chapters 1 and 2.

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