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The Eternity Cure (Blood of Eden)

The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa I am so glad I continued with this series. I was completely unimpressed with the first book in the series, The Immortal Rules and said as much in my review. But like any "mostly normal" human on this earth, I needed closure. Didn't really get that but boy did I get an awesome ride to the crazy end! Yep, I must have the next book like, NOW!

World Building / Story

Last book, I complained (is that the right word?) about how much Ms. Kagawa tried to take on when she set out to build her world. It was as if she tried to build all at once a dystopian, vampire, zombie world. For me, it was almost "too much, too soon". This time around, Ms. Kagawa seemed focused on the story of Allie finding her maker and what it is to be a vampire/beast. The setting is simply sometime in a future dystopian world and it only plays a small part in the story. The zombies have become merely an obstacle for Allie. Simple.... well, not so much.


The Eternity Cure begins just months after Allie has left everyone and she sets out alone to find her maker. Not an easy task given she has no idea where to start but she's determined to follow the blood bond that pulls her towards him. She feels she owes Kanin; to rescue him from his captor. In just the short time Allie has been a vampire, she's become a very smart, strong, and also caring vampire. This is all a result of Kanin's excellent teaching from the first book. But after all she endured since the training, Allie has grown 100-fold and is only becoming a better vampire, in my eyes. I love the character and I enjoyed watching her balance her humanity with her vampirism all throughout the story.

I read another review that mentioned all the other characters coming back. It didn't really ruin the surprise for me but I think I'll leave out the names of returning characters just to be safe. Suffice to say, they will make you hate them more, love them to pieces, and shred your heart as you cry into your soggy tissues.

This time around the pacing of the story was perfect for me. I was so into reading the book, I hadn't realized how far I was until I looked down on my reader's counter-thingy-ma-jingy! Absolutely amazing considering I'm the one who goes into a movie knowing exactly how long it is and I watch my watch, anticipating the big wrap-up because the movie is almost over.

The ending of this book was superbly done and I don't think Ms. Kagawa could have or should have done it any other way. I loved it! What's wrong with a little frustration? Books are supposed to make you feel something, right?

I personally was glad I jumped on board again and went for a ride with Ms. Kagawa. Thanks for the lift!

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