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Frost Burned (Mercy Thompson, Book 7)

Frost Burned - Patricia Briggs Frost Burned is currently tied with Kim Harrison's Ever After for Best Book I've Read This Year. Review over. I'm outta here... peace!

There are authors for me that are the Holy Grail of authors ("What are you going to do, bleed on me?" - I get so distracted...). Authors that, no matter what, I read their books. I won't lag behind on their series' for more than a month. But I also (maybe unfairly) expect great big HUGE things from their books. I've invested hours and hours into their characters and worlds. I'm sucked in and I never want to let go. One such author is Patricia Briggs.

Up until this point, Ms. Briggs' Alpha & Omega series was my favorite between her two most popular series. Now I have to say Mercedes is tops over Charles & Anna. I think this time around, it's the supporting characters and that nothing is held back that puts Frost Burned at the top of Favorite Reads of 2013.


All of the Mercedes Thompson books start you off by plopping you smack down into her life as it's happening. This time around, we get to witness Mercy bonding with Jesse, Adam's daughter, as they brave the horror (to Mercy, anyways) of what is known as Black Friday. Just the start of the book was enjoyable for me because I think this was the most interaction we've seen between Jesse and Mercy to date. Jesse is growing up and Mercy is treading in new waters with Jesse so we get to witness that new dynamic. I love Jesse and I really hope to see her character more and more in the future.

Although the last book, River Marked, was all about Adam and Mercy, I really feel like this book actually delved deeper into their relationship. Adam is still one of my favorite Alphas out there - who doesn't love a wolf in a business suit?!?!

While I didn't hate River Marked, that book took us away from all my favorite supporting characters for the better part of the book. Frost Burned brought me back to ALL my favorites! Seriously, I giggled like a school girl whenever one popped into a scene. You'll be extremely surprised by the characters who take big leads in the story and also by some characters who "come out to play" in the story. I about choked on my coffee when one such character showed up!!!

Story / Tempo

Hands down, this is one of the best stories in the Mercedes Thompson series. Ms. Briggs manages to mix in Mercy's magic, her and Adam's relationship, the pack, the vamps, the fae, humans, her Alpha & Omega series, and all without watering down a thing!!! Seriously, within the first quarter of the book, I was crying over something that happened. NOTHING IS HELD BACK. Listen to the words coming out of my mouth, err on the screen.

Really, I was done with this "review" like, about 500 words ago. Mercedes Thompson fans, just go read this already or get caught up...

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