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Faking It

Faking It - Cora Carmack 4.5 stars

Did you read Losing It, the first book in this new adult “series” by Cora Carmack? Yes? Then you know the fun of Cora Carmack’s writing – skip my review and just go buy the book, vámonos!

Didn’t read Losing it? Absolutely no worries! Just run and pick up this baby on the bookstore shelves (if you can find it) or on your favorite e-reader. Faking It works perfectly as a standalone. I know because it feels like forever since I read Losing It. Okay, it’s only been since early December 2012 but I’d completely lost the feel of the book. So when I started Faking It, it was like starting a new Cora Carmack world from scratch. And I loved getting lost again in Ms. Carmack’s world of mixed up young love.

Story / Tempo

Our story of mixed up young love starts off in a coffee shop in Philadelphia. Cade, the broken-hearted “bestie” from Losing It is miserable and generally trying to distract himself from his aching heart. Mackenzie (aka “Max”) stumbles into the coffee shop with her boyfriend for some coffee when she gets the scariest call of her life – her uptight parents are five minutes away from the coffee shop and can’t wait to see her and meet her boyfriend. Problem is, Max has been “faking it” with her parents for as long as she can remember and the life she lives in Philadelphia is nothing at ALL what her parents would approve of. The tattoos that cover her body – nope. The bright red hair – nope. The boyfriend with the tattoos, gauges, and manners of a pig – hell to the NO!

So Max freaks out, sends her boyfriend packing (which, with manners of a pig, he has no problem with) and scours the coffee shop for a life preserver in the form of Cade. Cade, having nothing better to do than to distract himself and work on his acting, has absolutely no problem acting as Max’s boyfriend of a couple of weeks for the parents.

You would think this tale would be just fluff and comical circumstances that arise out of the situation that Max has put Cade in. Some of that does occur. But I was truly surprised by the depth of story that Ms. Carmack weaved into this fun tale. Don’t get me wrong, this is a fun summer read! But there’s a little meat to this tale that keeps you interested in their love story all the way to the end of the book. The pace is steady and you’re constantly engaged, I think due to the back and forth of the dual POV (my fave!)


It’s through this dual POV that we get to really know Cade and Max. Max is the cool character that I always wished I had the cojones to be right when I got out of college. The closest I got was a bellybutton piercing I went and got on my own (this was 22 years ago so it’s was cool back then). I had friends who were independent spirits like Max so I lived my life through them. Yeah… I liked Max and her story.

I will have to (sheepishly) admit that I really don’t remember much of Cade from Losing It. That’s why I say that this book stands up alone, strong! You get a thorough back story on Cade that was everything and more than enough to have your heart breaking right along with his. Cade is the guy I think every girl would want: soft on the outside but wicked on the inside. Or is the other way around? I keep changing my mind on my imaginary boyfriends.

Wow, did I even write a review in there? I’m not quite sure. I think I mostly “discussed” this book. Oh, well, this is my review and no one else’s so phhhhhhtttt :P

I loved this book, possibly more than Losing It. I think maybe Faking It put Losing It completely out of my mind… who’s Bliss? Oh, yeah… Garrick… *swoon*

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