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Keeping Her: A LOSING IT Novella

Keeping Her - Cora Carmack As a little teaser novella between Losing It and Faking It, Keeping Her was a fun little visit back into Bliss and Garrick’s world. After reading Faking It and with Finding It out in just weeks, we were going to be getting more and more removed from the story that started all craziness – Bliss and Garrick. And that’s what makes this little glimpse into Garrick’s world a nice reminder.

Story / Tempo

I’m still trying to figure out where exactly in the time frame this story fits in. It starts off with Bliss and Garrick getting ready to leave for London so she can meet Garrick’s parents. They are already engaged. But if you look at the beginning of Faking It, Garrick breaks it to Cade that he’s going to propose to Bliss. So is this Losing It #1.5 or #2.5? I have no clue… someone is going to have to clarify that for me because I MUST be missing a detail somewhere.

Soooooo… we’re heading to London with Bliss and Garrick and guess what? This story is told in dual POV so we’re getting both Bliss’s story and Garrick’s side of things – awesome!! Now the fun is starting because we meet Garrick’s old school chums first. Then it’s off to meet the dreaded parents. This is Bliss meeting the parents so of course, it couldn’t possibly go as planned.


But it’s not just Bliss bumbling around Garrick’s family. We learn so much more about Garrick, his past, and why he left London for the States. Ultimately, we learn that Garrick is so utterly devoted to his relationship with Bliss, he’d do absolutely anything to keep her happy and in his life, to his own detriment.

We also see Bliss mature and become comfortable in her skin. Perhaps it’s because of Garrick and his love? You’ll have to read the story to decide for yourself.

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