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Foreplay: The Ivy Chronicles Book 1

Foreplay - Sophie Jordan This story was so much better than what I was expecting! Okay, you might be thinking, “so, we have a virgin being set up to ‘learn the ropes’ with a ‘veteran’ before going pro”, right? Well, it might be a weeee bit like that but mostly it is sooo NOT at all like that! This story is soooo much better with sweet plot twists that will have you going, “awwwwww!” at the very end! Who doesn’t love a happily ever after, right? After so many new adult books with broken souls as couples, how about a sweet romance? You got it!! Only soooo much hotter!! ;)

Sophie Jordan is, in my opinion, a master at writing romantic scenes. She’ll tease the heck out of the scene, thoroughly rock the heck out of your world with romance and seduction, and by the end have such a vivid and moving moment drawn out before your eyes you have no clue how you flew through the last pages! I’m not even sure if I’m getting my meaning across… I just truly clicked with Ms. Jordan’s style of writing and the fact that she didn’t skimp on the romance.

Speaking of romance, writing Reece must have been fun because he is such an awesome leading man. I won’t ruin any of the fun of the story but Reece is quite an enigma in the beginning. Our girl Pepper spends a great deal of time trying to figure out what to make of him but he really just puts it all out there. He’s quiet, a gentleman, smart, and dangerously hot as hell! My favorite kind of leading man!!! Am I picking the books lately or what?!

Pepper kind of annoyed me at times but that was her personality. She was written that way so it couldn’t be helped. It’s the talented author that gets you to feel those emotions towards their characters. Yes, Pepper was throttled over the head with a large skillet in my imagination quite often during the story. Well, done, Ms. Jordan.

Seriously though, this is the first book I’ve read by Sophie Jordan and I can already recognize in her writing that she will be a favorite author of mine for some time. Having already written a ton of books including paranormal romance, historical romance, and the young adult Firelight series (err, which I’ve owned for some time and haven’t gotten around to reading *hangs head in shame*), this author is still turning out new stories and worlds!

The next book in the The Ivy Chronicles series will by Emerson’s book. If you can’t tell already, I’ll be all over that book as soon as I can get my grubby hands on it!!!

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