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Crash into You

Crash into You - Katie McGarry 4.5 stars!

Oh, Isaiah, I had no idea. You kind of annoyed me along the way to your book. But I had no idea that you were this really great guy deep down inside. I truly think Ms. McGarry saved the best for last! I think you’re actually a better person than Noah (shhhhh). Or at least you both are truly pure of heart.

Dang, I’m falling for fictional boys again….

This third book in Katie McGarry’s Pushing the Limits series is slightly different from the previous books. Instead of breaking through the main character’s barriers that are holding them back from the future they deserve, it’s Rachel and Isaiah that have to fight those around them to achieve the future they want and deserve.
I’m going to try my absolute darnedest to make this review spoiler free because I know there are a few of you out there that may be a newbie to this series or you happen to be behind a book (although I have no clue why).

Rachel is trying to find escape from her oppressive family with her love of cars and driving her car fast. Almost as if she can escape the life she’s living. Isaiah is just trying to survive his day to day existence. He and Noah made an agreement and he’s finding it harder and harder to hold Noah to his end of the bargain.

It’s at the illegal car race where more problems pile on Rachel and Isaiah. But it’s these problems that throw these two together. Isaiah, turns out, has a heart of pure gold under his bad boy façade and he can’t stop himself from helping Rachel out of the mess she unknowingly gets tangled in. Unfortunately for Isaiah, Rachel sees through the tough guy act and wants more than just his help. Turns out, Isaiah is getting past his hangup on Beth with one look at Rachel (yay!!!!!).

What I liked about this story was the web of lies, deceit, and power plays happening in the background behind the main romance plot. I really saw no way that these two kids were going to end up together. So many variables (and people!) were conspiring against them! Like I said, the story feels different than Ms. McGarry’s previous two books.

I also really loved the character of Rachel. I can totally relate to the love of cars and being able to tinker with something and then stand back and feel the satisfaction of having done it right (back in college I changed my own brake pads and rotors on my car, among other tinkering). She had a great deal of pressure thrust upon her by her family and I think despite it all, she was stronger than her family gave her credit for. I was cheering for her the entire length of the book!

Without getting into too many details, characters from the previous books are back and not just for a glancing “hello”. I was relieved to get some closure on a “certain” relationship, but you know it was nothing like what I expected but that’s kind of what I should have expected with that character (vague much? you betcha!). We’re also introduced to characters in upcoming books. It’ll be interesting to see where Ms. McGarry goes!!

I’ll be there for the ride, that’s for sure!


Sorry… it had to be done.

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