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A Cursed Moon: A Weird Girls Novella (A Penguin Special from Signet Eclipse)

A Cursed Moon - Cecy Robson Bren is the big brother the Wird sisters always needed and will never be without. All throughout the series, we only get snippets of an obnoxious, womanizing, and definitely “cocky” Bren. Today, Cecy Robson has given us the gift of knowing the real Bren and why he acts the way he does in her novella, A Cursed Moon.

I’ve got to tell you, in my opinion, fans of this series MUST read this novella before the next book in the series, Cursed by Destiny. This isn’t your ordinary “filler” novella. There are major happenings going on in only 98 pages.

We start out with a glimpse into the world of our favorite “Odd Couple”, Bren and Dan. Oscar has nothing on Bren’s dating, laundry, and eating habits – he’s all lone wolf. Bren is making crazy bets with Dan involving french maid costumes while running out the door late to the Pack Den where he’s been reluctantly recruited to help train the students. One thing leads to another and by the end of the chapter Bren ends up unconscious at the Pack’s Den with a note from Aric stapled to his forehead. Want to know how that happened and what the note said? READ THE STORY!!!

Actually, the story is about hostile spirits rising and attacking humans around the Tahoe area. The Wolves are fighting these spirits the best they can but when Celia and Bren run into a really nasty spirit, they end up working together to save someone they mutually care about.

I would say almost all (if not exactly all) of the regular characters, including mean, crotchety old Mrs. Mancuso (bless her nasty soul) are in this novella. What I enjoyed the most was seeing the characters through Bren’s eyes (the story is written from his POV). You learn so much about Bren from his interactions with other characters, not just from a huge dialogue he has Celia, but from his little chat with Emme and the thoughtful conversation he has with Aric.

There was just so much to soak up from these measly 98 pages! I would be remiss if I forgot to mention that there might be a teeny, tiny lead-in to Cursed by Destiny at the end of the story, as well as a sneak peek.

But this novella was all Bren. I could read and re-read this story over and over and over again and still smile over the silliness (and love) that is Bren. I see so many possibilities for Bren’s future that my secret wish (or not so secret now) is that we get another novella written from Bren’s POV.

A girl can dream…

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