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Hunted (The Iron Druid Chronicles, Book Six)

Hunted - Kevin Hearne 4.5 stars

Holy crap, Atticus is at it again! Or, to clarify, Kevin Hearne writes his pants off again!

I seriously think Mr. Hearne has written ‘another best book his series’… again. I’m so freaking torn on rating this one, though. It’s so close to being a 5-star review for me but there was one little tiny piece that made this book fall just short of perfection for me.

I do believe that fans of The Iron Druid Chronicles will be very happy with this book. It reminded me of earlier books in the series and was heavy on the action and politcal manuevering. I was never bored!

Let’s discuss, shall we…

Story / Tempo / World Building

I’m going to try and summarize without spoiling the story for those of you who have yet to start the series (you know who you are, Kimba). But you may want to just turn around and call it a day – start the series already, damn it!

When we last left Atticus, he was warned to start running. Hunted picks up with him and the gang running across Europe trying to prevent being killed by some angry gods. Before I started Hunted, I knew what this book was mainly going to be about – Atticus, Granuaile, and Oberon running. I was a teeny-tiny bit worried about how it was going to written. You see, Mr. Hearne has a slight predisposition to get a bit wordy and narrative with background stories (which I don’t mind). I was afraid the entire book was going to be a big story about running across Europe with lots of little back stories about Atticus’s life in Europe and how good life was back then… when he wasn’t pissing off gods. Yep, I do have some imagination but it was entirely, completely and utterly wrong, WRONG, WRONG! And hence why this book is near the top of my fave books this year. AND one of Mr. Hearne’s best books of the series. It totally reminded me of all the fun Atticus and I had way back in the beginning… memories…

World building continues in this urban fantasy as Atticus continues to show off more and more of his crazy-cool powers. Each time Atticus has to battle his enemies along his trek, Atticus has to get more and more creative with his battling skills. It’s a balance of supernatural politics, charisma, and raw battle strength. Everything I loved in the first books of the series. But he has Granuaile and Oberon with him on this ride so there’s a whole new element added. Ponder on that new dynamic for a bit (it’s not so easy to send Oberon away this time around). All the possibilities…

I have to say the very, very VERY best part of the book is that Mr. Hearne did what I love authors to do – held nothing back! Maybe it’s because I went into the book with almost no expectations but I was blown away by some of the revelations, conversations, and general WTF-ery that occurred in this book. I believe fans of the series will be fully gratified with this story. I was thrown off my rocker early on in the story and that’s all I’ll say about that.


Something I’ve noticed is that Mr. Hearne has able to age all his characters carefully for these past 12 years. Atticus has continued to mellow and take life into perpective to his surroundings, especially now that he has a Granuaile in his orbit now. So many things I’d like to write about him but they keep end up being spoilery so just know that he’s Atticus and he’s still funny, badass, and he’s naked running across Europe.

A ton of my old favorite characters are back with cameos in this book. I’m talking witches, vampires, and werewolves; I kind of wish Jesus made it back because he was pretty awesome when he showed up last time. Alas, he was missing. But there was still good fun to be had with plenty of other old AND new characters.

And this wouldn’t be a Iron Druid review if I didn’t have a quote from Oberon! Why do you think I waited until release day???

“I knew it. If you give a witch a cookie, she’s going to ask you for a glass of milk.” – Oberon

If you don’t fall on the floor laughing, don’t feel bad. It could be because you’re not familiar with fine children’s literature, you can’t picture a giant irish wolfhound saying this, or you’re dead. One or another.

So why did I take off the half star on my review? There was one point towards the end where Mr. Hearne got a little bit carried away with an explanation of how Atticus was using his powers to get out of a tricky situation. It was at kind of a climatic moment so personally, I would have shorten the scene down because I found myself losing the “climatic” feeling of the scene and just wanting to move on and get the whole thing over with. I DID read an ARC so this may have been corrected in the final printing, though.

I’m anxiously waiting to see what all my friends think about this book. Me? You know where I stand with this series. But I think I safely reviewed this one with the rose colored glasses sitting next to the computer, not on my nose…. seriously!!!

Whatever… Atticus is hot..