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Cursed By Destiny: A Weird Girls Novel

Cursed By Destiny - Cecy Robson Seriously, Cecy?!?! I'm hopping a plane and prying the next book out of your brain!! I really want to see the outline of this series (actually, no, I don't) b/c.... Holy cow!!!! :D

Full Review:

As soon as I closed the book…. my brain began to shut down. I couldn’t cope. It wasn’t supposed to end like that! My life is in utter chaos! And yes, I’m being overly dramatic but that’s what happens when I pick up and read one of Ms. Robson’s books. They consume my life for the amount of time it takes to finish it. Nothing in my life holds any interest or can pull me away from the book. There I go again, embellishing a wee bit again. I do manage to feed my family but it does become a bit of a race to finish her books so I can get back to the rest of the real world (tee, hee). Let me share with you the latest, greatest (to date), coming on January 7th in the Weird Girls series, Cursed by Destiny.

First, let’s get the formalities out of the way. If you’re a fan of urban fantasy or paranormal romance and you’re NOT already reading this series… START! Second, if you’ve read the first two books but haven’t read the novella A Cursed Moon, I strenuously insist that you read the novella before embarking on Cursed by Destiny. You’ll thank me later…

Now, how do I write a review for a book in a series that has so many “oh snap!” moments and not give away any spoilers? I’m sure Ms. Robson was equally overwhelmed/stymied when she set out to write this particular book in her Weird Girls series. She had a lot to accomplish. Because when we last saw Celia, she was nursing her wounds and hiding out. But the demons she’s been battling since the first book are still causing trouble and now they know Celia’s name. And they’ve stepped up their game and gotten some teammates.

What makes this book fantastic and completely engaging is that there is so much going on while Ms. Robson is molding and shaping plot lines, opening new roads, or completing roads that have gone their course, but her story isn’t confusing, meandering, or convoluted. It flows well, all interactions of the characters make complete sense, and they all fit incredibly well. You can see exactly where and when a particular character made his/her dramatic decision (example: end a relationship).

It does take a bit to get to the climatic ending of the book but I never for one minute regretted the ride there. We had a lot of characters to visit. Even though Taran isn’t in the forefront of the story as much as she was in the past, we definitely get a lot more Emme and about the same amount of Shana. If you’ve read the novella like I strenuously advised you to, you’ll see even more surprises in store for Bren and Danny.

I thought I read somewhere that some readers were complaining that the last book in the series, A Cursed Embrace, didn’t have enough Misha in it. “Phhhpht,” I said. But if that was the case with you, then you’ll be happy to know that Misha is front and center in this book. There’s just a tiny bit less of Aric, if that’s even possible :D

From start to finish, Ms. Robson’s writing is crystal clear and concise yet beautifully descriptive and YES, she can write the romance parts AND the fight scenes equally well. Hence why I have no reservations about recommending this series to just about everyone I know.

This time, I’m NOT embellishing…

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