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Love Your Entity (Entity Series)

Love Your Entity - Cat Devon 3.5 Stars

I’ve been reading paranormal romance (PNR) for a long time. Or at least I thought I had been but it appears that a lot of great authors and series are zipping right by me as I sit and dwell in young and new adult-land.

Grrrrrrr… too many genres, not enough time!!!!

Cat Devon’s Entity series is one of those PNR series that was on the verge of zipping right by me. I was lucky to have this series introduced to me when the opportunity arose to review it. Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “yeah, but it’s the third book in the series”. Fret not, for I had absolutely no problem diving right in and enjoying this world and all the colorful characters.

Sierra Brennan is writer of paranormal mysteries where the heroine in the story is a ghost whisperer. Interestingly enough, so is Sierra because she sees (and talks to) dead people. So needless to say, her writing is authentic. Her heroine is a pretty kick-butt, snarky character who is getting lots of sex. Sierra isn’t getting much in the sex department, considering the ghost issue but she’s all kinds of brave and full of sass and snark. She goes up on my imaginary list of favorite heroines for just being plain funny. That and she worships her Keurig like I do mine.

She’ll need her bravery in spades because she has a chance to inherit her uncle’s house in Chicago if she can live in the home for 30 consecutive days. Her two cousins who attempted it previously failed rather quickly. But Sierra already deals with ghosts on a daily basis; what could be worse? Um, naked vampire at the door?

Yep, that’s exactly how the books starts… oh, yeah! Love them vampires with no shame. *getting mind back on track*

Ronan McCoy is finally free of the master vampire who indentured him into service for one hundred years. Ronan is back in his hometown in Chicago with a claim on his childhood home. He also needs to find a “key” that will help in his attempt to free his sister from a curse. Now what in the world is Ronan going to do with a human getting in his way? Well, if you’re Ronan, you start thinking of all sorts things you want to do to Sierra :)

That’s what I loved about Ronan, he was a simple character trying to get out of a jam. He did horrible things in his past but those things didn’t make up who he is. I enjoyed that he was so much more and then at other times he was just kind of a simple guy.

Some of the secondary characters were off the wall hysterical and totally worth the book if only for them. I can’t even decide on my favorite. It’s a toss up between Bruce, Tanya, and Pat. I think I have to go with Tanya because she started Sierra’s street team and hosted webinars on Sierra’s behalf.

The story was basically a mystery and PNR wrapped into one. The plot moved along great and the only problem I had with the story is that towards the end, a major plot point was introduced that hadn’t been hinted at previously and seemed to come straight from left field. I personally hate when that happens. But don’t let one of my quirks stop you!

Seriously, I had absolutely no problems jumping right into Ms. Devon’s world because she did that little bit of explaining needed to understand references to past books or to understand a character’s background. Yes, of course it is ALWAYS better to start a series at the first book. But I’m just saying that if you want to jump right into where I did, you could do it and still enjoy.

uhhhh… Enjoy! *salute* (it just felt like a toast was needed there)

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