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I work at a library and read a ton! I read UF, PNR, SF and the young adult versions of the above. I'm currently reading the heck out of new adult so you can say I read contemp romance, too! I work at St. Clair County Library System - Main Branch, Port Huron, Michigan.

Hopeless (Hopeless, #1)

Hopeless - Colleen Hoover *head explodes* Review soon...

Update 8/21/13: This is the first book I’ve read by Colleen Hoover and I cannot recommend her enough as an author you must have on your pile to read. If there’s one new adult book you read this year… UGH, there are so many I LOVE but … you’ve got to read Hopeless. Ms. Hoover left me dizzy, fuzzy, warm, and so in love with love when I turned the very last page and closed the book. *sniff, sniff*

Would you believe I really had no desire to read this book based on the title? “Hopeless”? Ugh… sounds like such a sad tale of kids whining about how horrible their lives are. THIS WAS SO NOT THAT BOOK!!! Let me tell you what made me write *head explodes* on my Goodreads review right when I finished. Finished in record time (for me, mind you) – read 406 pages in one day!!! I could not stop!


I was so taken in by Sky. I loved her character and wit. She was so easy going, accepting of situations, and she made the best of her quirky mom’s lifestyle (no tv, no cell phones, no technology!) like it was no big deal. Yeah, she knew it was a pain in the butt but that was her life. And the way she handled the “bullies” at school – absolutely priceless!!! This was a girl I fell so completely for (stop! not that way, you dork!!).

And to give her a warrior like Holden… *sigh*

Dang, am I even reviewing this book or writing it a love letter?

Story / Tempo

There is so much to this story, so many plot twists and turns, so many wrinkles. First, there’s the whole meeting the main characters, establishing the plot of getting these two kids together, having them interact with the supporting characters (who are totally awesome, by the way!). Then we pull the rug right out from under them and scramble the whole entire thing up – Woosh! It’s a story of what love is and what it can endure.

I will warn you, there are some intense scenes so I would definitely advise the parents to read through this one before handing it off to anyone below the age of 17. Yes, the characters are in high school but there’s some mature subject matter here.

What I loved most? The simplicity of caring and knowing that perfect is NOT perfect and accepting that. Yeah, it was that good. It’s making me all greeting card prolific. I’m such a sucker for this stuff.

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