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The Angel Stone (Fairwick Chronicles, #3)

The Angel Stone (Fairwick Chronicles, #3) - Juliet Dark,  Carol Goodman I’ve been saying all along that this is the series that snuck up on me and was completely not at all what I expected. This series/trilogy is a true paranormal romance – a perfect 50/50 mix of romance and supernatural story telling. The covers, IMHO, just don’t sell the stories for me.

But this trilogy is so much more than it’s covers let on, IMHO. And in The Angel Stone, I finally got the HEA I’ve been waiting for.

This review might be slightly spoilerish if you haven’t read the first two books in the trilogy.

Callie, our heroine, is learning some new skills this time around. And just in time to deal with the nasty nephilim that have taken over her beloved college. No better way to get over a broken heart than to take it out on the bad guys, including your grandmother, right? It’s great to see her not bumbling around with her powers as much as she did in the previous books – she’s really coming into her own!!!

What made me happiest of all (and most satisfying) is that Ms. Dark went back to the first book and brought back favorite characters of mine. And not in just little cameos. The vampires get to come out and Callie has to deal with her “fear” of them.

Someone who I truly missed in the second book, Nicky Ballard, is front in center from the first chapter. I was so freaking happy to see her again!! That was one of my main complaints about the second book, the lack of returning characters from the first book. But I loved how Ms. Dark used Nicky to introduce the plot to this story in Callie’s class about fairy tales.

Story / Tempo / World Building

I will absolutely, positively NOT get into the specifics of the story here because it was just too sweet of an ending to the trilogy. ”Sweet” is the perfect word for it.

You’ll probably pick up details of the story from other reviews. I will tell you this, Callie has to go back in time to get the angel stone. Everything wraps around perfectly to the climatic ending. I’m serious when I say “climatic”, “edge of your seat” kind of stuff at the end of the book!

Passion, uniting of friends in arms, and intense battle scenes with some seriously grotesque creatures – this story becomes the fairy tale itself. Ms. Dark surprises me more than once and left me speechless with her final sentence. Seriously, I was hanging by a thread down to the last word of the book!!!

What more can you ask for in an ending of a book? A fairy tale ending, right? It’s right here!

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