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Finding It (Losing It, #3)

Finding It (Losing It, #3) - Cora Carmack 3.5 stars

So, I don’t normally do this but I was curious. This is one of those stories that had me wondering: what is everyone rating this book on Goodreads? Because I’m thinking that this third book in the Losing It series is so different from the other books that it might polarize Cora Carmack fans. Some fans are going to hold on tight to the love and scream their devotion from the rafters. Some might cry foul and run for the hills. Me?

Story / Tempo

I think this is just what Ms. Carmack’s writing style is, or is evolving into. Her couples are each unique in their own way and each is deserving of their own unique story. It’s like people; there are just some people you aren’t going to immediately click with. I think that was it with me. It doesn’t mean that these people aren’t good peeps… err good books. It just means me and them won’t be besties.

Kind of like how our story started. Kelsey has been traveling around Europe by herself for the last few weeks. She’s befriended people she can party with but hasn’t made any connections that can count close to a friendship. We catch up with her on one of her nights out with a hostel mate as they head to a bar in an eastern European country. It’s during an awfully embarrassing situation involving a boy who’s command of the English language only consists of the words “beautiful”, “American”, and “drink”, his teeth, and Kelsey’s lower lip. Kelsey isn’t exactly sober but she’s sober enough to know when the hot guy across the room is laughing at her.

No surprise, Kelsey runs into this “gentleman” a few more times and he wants nothing more than to help Kelsey find whatever she’s looking for in Europe, maybe travel with her for a bit. I totally saw that coming, as well as the “mystery” as to why our “hero”, Hunt, wants nothing more than to accompany Kelsey on her adventure and maybe show her some new adventures, something other than getting drunk off her butt. I think it was this predictability that disappointed me. It was almost as if the story could have ended sooner than it did, at least for me.


Kelsey, if you remember from Ms. Carmack’s first book, Losing It, has issues. Those issues come front and center and are, unfortunately, the foundation on what Kelsey has built her life upon. So her life has been crumbling around her for some time now and she finally has to deal with it. What drove me nuts is that she knew what she had to do all along but she pretended like she didn’t. She faked it like she could make it. UGH! I wanted her to start telling off people to their faces instead of just spending their money and hoping they noticed she was up to something.

So why the heck did I keep reading a book with a character that drove me nuts? Because Ms. Cormack has consistently written characters who entertain me to no end with their quick wit and quirky phrases. Kelsey had no shortage of either and I snickered and giggled out loud quite bit.

Hunt, or Jackson Hunt as we learn later, is really a sweet guy in a crappy position who really just wants to help Kelsey in any way he can. He really was the best part of the story and if there’s a novella ever written from his point of view, I’ll definitely read it!!! I want to know what he was thinking from the very beginning ;)

The reason why I rated this a three and a half star review (which is my rating for a good book, plus some) and not a two star review is because the book is inherently good, maybe even great. I know what a good book is and I know good writing. Finding It has good writing and a good story. I just wasn’t personally bowled over by this entry in the Losing It series. You might just like it, though….

Updated 10/29/13: Apparently I'm getting my wish and book #3.5 is Jackson's point of view!!! Spectacular!! I wouldn't change my review on this book but I have high hopes I'll love Jackson's voice... no pressure, though (tee, hee)

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