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Twisted Perfection (Perfection, #1)

Twisted Perfection (Perfection, #1) - Abbi Glines What have I been missing?! I mean, I’ve been wanting to read Abbi Glines for some time now. I’ve seen her around. She writes new adult. I love new adult. I love hot romance. She writes REALLY HOT romance. I mean scorching, on the verge of being close to erotic romance. I said CLOSE!!! Not there yet people!

Abbi Glines wrote this little story about what happens when one night of scorching hot sex turns into something more that just doesn’t want to go away, despite the odds against them. I think the synopsis is a wee bit misleading, though.

Della is kind of fragile and yes, she has “issues”. But she has an extremely strong back bone. She’s recovering from a completely messed up childhood. I can’t even say she HAD a childhood! It’s been a few years since she “escaped” her own hell and she’s got a spunk that’s coming out loud and strong so it’s not a complete mess that Woods meets and picks up for a one night stand at a gas station just outside his town.

Woods is stuck in a life made for him by his parents. He’s been groomed to take over the family’s business and set to marry the daughter of another wealthy family since he was a child. Not much in life has been his choice. So a one night stand was perfect.

Except, oops, Woods finds Della in his world again. :)

It’s a chaotic, hot romantic mess full of evil villains and true friends. Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse, the tables turn, rugs get pulled out from under you and you’re like, “WTF?”. What makes this story so worthwhile is Woods and what he goes through to get what he wants and deserves in life. I love his alpha male coming out to play. Hmmmmm. Sorry, just reliving.

At times I was frustrated with what the characters were doing But the pace, story, supporting characters, and hot, hot, STEAMING love between Della and Woods made me forget ever being frustrated until I looked back in my notes (“What? I was mad at Woods? Never!”).

Ending on a tiny cliffhanger, you still get closure for Della and Woods. But book two is right there, staring you in the face so you know something is up. What could the problem be? Hmmmmm…..

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