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Tempt the Stars: A Cassie Palmer Novel

Tempt the Stars - Karen Chance 4.5 stars...

DAMN IT, Cassie! You’ve been gone way too long!!! I’ve missed you! By the way… um, what happened to you? You look a little different around the, err… face. Eh, it’s okay, I like the YOU on Ms. Chance’s website, anyways…

So, long time reader, first time reviewer… oh, I’m so nervous. I’m entirely kidding. I was just so excited to get back into the the world of Cassie Palmer again after being away two years. No, I don’t read Dory’s books (yet) so it has been that long. My membership card are my beat up, worn copies of all the previous books in the series – boo yah!

Oh, yeah… writing a review here.

To say I was excited for book six in the Cassie Palmer series to finally be here is an understatement. I think Karen Chance is one of the most hysterical authors on the planet and her mind is completely off the charts creative when she’s writing her fight and time travel scenes (sometimes it’s a time travel scene involving a fight!) She’s good. And her latest installment, Tempt the Stars, did not disappoint me.

Warning: If you haven’t read the series to date, there may be spoilers in my review to previous books in the series.

Story / Tempo / World Building

Our story picks up immediately after Hunt the Moon. It had been so long since I’ve read Hunt the Moon that I went back and did a quick re-read/buzz-through to get my bearings straight for the opening of Tempt the Stars. If you don’t do this, you may be struggling with first few chapters a bit because Ms. Chance spends very little time re-hashing the previous book.

Immediately, Cassie is up to her butt in trouble again trying to do some reconnaissance with Jonas Marsden. Literally. But Cassie also has side plans to get some information on how to rescue Pritkin from certain doom. She’s in a tough spot because she can’t ask too many people for help in rescuing Pritkin (for many reasons I can’t discuss). So she has to rely on some allies that make the whole plan hysterical and go completely the way most plans of Cassie’s do… to Hell in a hand basket (I’m so clever sometimes).

The story of Pritkin’s rescue is the main plot of the book but like most of the previous books, there are quite a few sub plots along the way that feed into the main story or add depth to the overall series arc, flesh out a character further, or just add drama to the story. In the case of Tempt the Stars, this brought out quite a few new characters, gave us more information on some background characters, or (1/2 star ding) left out some of the more popular characters from past books.


Although he made a brief appearance in the first chapter, Billy Joe was quite absent from most of the book. After the “mission” to Tony’s with Jonas, I honestly don’t remember him popping up (out?) much after that. Yes, he complained and whined a lot but he always came through for Cassie.

There were more characters noticeably absent but I’m pretty positive it was completely part of the grand scheme. In their place, though, there was a hysterical trio of witches and a pythian acolyte who I’m not sure what to make of her if she can’t figure out how to work a Keurig but she could end up with the mighty pythian power :D We also got up close and annoyingly personal with Casanova (ugh, will he ever shut up?!) and some of the vamps who guard Cassie.

I will share this – I am horrible at keeping track of time travel in books. I actually don’t read time travel books because they generally hurt my brain cells. But I love this series so much for the main characters and I NEED to see where the overall series is going to take us that I will always read this series! Sometimes I get a wee bit confused when Cassie has to “time jump” in front of or behind certain events but Ms. Chance does an excellent job writing those scenes. Even if I am a bit confused, it usually doesn’t matter all that much to the general story and I just let go and go with it.

Tempt the Stars ends up being a treasure trove of revelations about Cassie, her powers, her parents, Pritkin, Mircea… If you’re a fan of the series, you know what you must do.

So, why the 1/2 star ding off the review? Well, you saw I was unhappy about popular characters being left out (not usually worthy of a ding because that’s subjective) but also because of the horrible cliff hanger at the end. UGH! Why?!?! I hate to complain but we waited two years for this book, will Reap the Wind really be out in 2014? *stomps feet like petulant child that I am*

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