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ReAwakened (Angel Creek, #2)

ReAwakened (Angel Creek, #2) - Ada Adams When Ada Adams first revealed the cover of her second book in the Angel Creek series, ReAwakened, she said there was a definite “blood” theme to this book. Holy cow, that was NOT an understatement!! Where ReVamped was a light, campy, fun vampire story, ReAwakened swings the other direction and brings us a darker, bloodier tale. But she manages to deliver sizzling romance (see references to shirtless Sebastian) amongst the gore – and it totally works!!!

Story / Tempo

ReAwakened picks up shortly after ReVamped. Dawn is dealing with some heavy losses from the previous book (no spoilers here!) while trying to navigate her first romantic feelings for a guy… EVER! Soon, our team of misfits have a mission; born vampires are being kidnapped. In true Dawn style, she drops her personal problems to go save others. Well, that’s all she’s ever known how to do.

The story is set up incredibly well, weaving in and out of the two major plot drivers evenly throughout the book. And although I figured out who the “bad guys” were before the big reveal, I did get tripped up several times during the story. I think that’s a perfect balance for a young adult novel.

Setting / World Building

Because this is an urban fantasy, our setting is the world we live in. Where world building comes into play is the fact that the vampires are “out” and they seek fame and fortune in Hollywood. What I really enjoyed was getting into the history of the born vampires and how they are fundamentally different than “made” vampires.


It’s in the details that Ms. Adams wrap up into her characters that really make her books come alive for me. Besides the obvious fact that this is the second book in the series so of course we’re going to learn more about our characters, we get even more depth. If Dawn doesn’t have a mission or a weapon in her hand, she is completely socially awkward and in unknown social territory with Sebastian. I really feel sorry for her; despite what it looked like on the outside, she really had a crappy childhood and missed out on so much!

In ReVamped, we got Seth and Sophie’s backstories. In ReAwakened, we get Brooke and Hunter’s backstories. Let’s just say their stories fit the darker tone of this book and leave it at that. UGH, I wish I could say more!!! I know! I haven’t mentioned the new character, Razor. I love this guy!! He’s rugged, good looking, a total flirt, and his past haunts him. What more can you want in your hero? I might just actually love Razor more than…

Shirtless Sebastian… off the top of my head I can count 3 instances of shirtless Sebastian (well, okay, we won’t count one because he was —). But seriously, Sebastian is substantially more prominent in this book than the last. And I have to say, I was swooning left and right whenever he spoke to Dawn. If this wasn’t a young adult book, I might have taken a half point off my review for how quickly he turned around and got all lovey-dovey. But it’s also been six months since I read ReVamped so my memory is most likely faulty when it comes to how much Sebastian was actually brooding in the first book.

Speaking of books, I have to warn you, this has a cliffhanger (yikes). Per Ms. Adams blog, she’ll be announcing the name of the next book in the series shortly. I can only hope that shortly thereafter she’ll have that book up on Amazon for me to buy (a girl can dream).

I have to admit, a day after I finished ReAwakened, I’m still haunted by the ending and feeling —-. If a book can keep me thinking about it into the next day or two, that tells me it’s a pretty PERFECT book.