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Fair Game (Alpha And Omega)

Fair Game  - Patricia Briggs I have been waiting for this book since July 2010. Granted, some have been waiting since August 2009 when Hunting Ground, the book right before this one, was published. But I'm always late to the party. And it was a serious book party for me in July 2010 when I devoured the novella, then Cry Wolf and Hunting Ground and screamed for more! I had read the Alpha & Omega series before Ms. Briggs' Mercedes Thompson series so I had Mercy to hold me over. But this is the series I truly adore! And with each book, it just keeps getting better and better and better...

Charles and Anna have come a long way. Gone is the damaged Anna that had even showed up briefly in the last book. Of course her scars are deep but she's much stronger and healthier because of Charles. But now she's come into her own! The book opens with her arguing with Bran. Who would've thought you'd ever see Anna pushing Bran. But that's where our tale begins.

Fair Game seemed closer to a true UF novel than past books that leaned more towards PNR. This one is a true serial-killer murder mystery, with Anna and Charles' relationship brilliantly woven in and out. I could just tell Ms. Briggs spent a lot of time on this book, perfecting her plot, timing and overall writing. Every plot point, every nuance, worked brilliantly with each other. Nothing was awkward and at no time did I feel anything drag on. Could I gush anymore? Probably. But I just immensely enjoyed reading this book from start to finish. I looked forward to every moment I was able to pick it back up.

It's been a long time since I actually gasped, literally gasped out loud at a moment in a book! I did exactly that during a moment at the end of the book. It's got to be hard to write a moment like that because usually readers can see those coming a mile away. But not in this case. Wow! And I was NOT let down after that moment, either. Remember at the end of the third Lord of the Rings movie, Return of the King, where it seemed like there were five endings and you were sitting there in the theater thinking, "And now it's over.... and now it's over.... okay, now... C'MON!!" This was NOT like that at all!!! I wanted it to keep going! Tell me more, tell me more! Nope, no such luck. I guess at Ms. Briggs' writing rate, we'll have to wait another two years.

Hey, at least that's better than G.R.R. Martin ;)