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Keystone (Volume 2)

Keystone - Misty Provencher Keystone picks up exactly right where Cornerstone left off. If Ms. Provencher had done it any other way, I think I would have stormed her home and demanded a re-write immediately. Cornerstone ended on such an important scene (not quite a cliff hanger, but sort of?) that you didn’t want to miss out on a minute of the action. Ms. Provencher delivers.

Left reeling from the huge changes in her life from book one, Nali is in transition. Ah, book two syndrome…. oh, no!!! NOT HERE!! Keystone has a different feel, a different pace, and a somewhat different love story between Nali and Garrett. Keystone is definitely one of those books that serves as an “arc” book. But in between Nali learning her new life, there’s a huge conspiracy/mystery at the heart of the battle between good and evil. It’s like my brother likes to say (when he’s quoting Churchill), “it’s a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside a enigma”.

Most of Keystone is spent on solving the mystery and Nali building her “powers” than is spent on the Nali and Garrett romance. That really kind of bummed me out. I wish I could say more about this subject but all I will say is that Ms. Provencher is taking WAAAAAYYYYY too long to write the next book in the series, JAMB. I needed the next book immediately after finishing Keystone to feed my need for romance. If she doesn’t deliver…. um, well… I have no idea what I’ll do because I’m not that stalker-ish…. much…

Overall, Keystone made up for the lack of Garrett-heat with action, action, ACTION!!! And the ideas floating around Ms. Provencher’s mind again make their way to the pages in this book. This second book in the series does NOT suffer sophomore slump!