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Dare You To

Dare You To - Katie McGarry WHY THE *#@! AREN'T YOU READING THIS SERIES YET?!?!?! Do I need to come over there and kick you in the tookus? C'mon, tell me! By the way, who are Noah and Echo?


Beth's life sucks. There are no two ways about it. We learned it was bad in Pushing the Limits but we didn't know just how bad it was. It's pretty bad. It's amazing Beth is doing as well as she is. Beth is so incredibly jaded and broken but there are so many reasons for it and we learn every sad one.

Dare You To picks up about a week or two after Pushing the Limits with Isaiah and Noah trying to convince Beth to move in with them. Beth is so focused on taking care of her mother she can't see a future for herself. It's her uncle that forces her to move in with him outside the city limits to a new environment away from her mother. We learn so much about Beth's past that it adds so many layers to her personality and gives such dimension to the story. As the reader, you really get into Beth's head and feel for her; you end up cheering for her to get her happily ever after.

Ryan is the baseball pitcher with a future. He just doesn't know which one he wants yet. His father has had Ryan's future all planned out for him for some time but Ryan may want something different. It's an old story of going against your parent's wishes for your future but Ms. McGarry does it so incredibly well. Ryan is swoon worthy, a leader, a gentleman, a guy's guy, a jock, and an intellectual all rolled into one fantastic package. How could you not want Beth's HEA to be with Ryan. But how do we get polar opposites together?

Story / Tempo

Getting characters who appear to be opposites in every way is a skill Ms. McGarry excels in! She smashed it out of the park in Pushing the Limits and she more than does it again in Dare You To. The very beginning scene is where Beth and Ryan meet each other but it's not for quite awhile before they meet again (you can read the first scene on the Harlequin Teen website HERE, just click towards the bottom "Read Excerpt"). I was quite antsy for these two to meet again. I think Ms. McGarry was teasing us on purpose; building up the suspense. But it is definitely NOT love, lust, or anything of the sort at first sight.

The thing about Ms. McGarry's stories so far is that they are NOT simple, straight line, from point A to B stories. There are a ton of complications that get in the way to the final HEA so you never know what's going to happen and how it's going to happen. It's that mystery that plays in the background behind the utterly sweet love story between Beth and Ryan.

I made the brief comment on Goodreads that this was the love story I had been waiting for for a long time (sorry, no easy way to write that sentence). And this truly was. It took me back to a time when anything was possible and futures were bright shining things for the taking. When you had a guy who could make you look at the rain and clouds but see nothing but bright rays of sunshine.

Yep, I enjoyed this book thaaaat much....

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