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Complete Me (The Stark Trilogy): A Novel

Complete Me: A Novel - J. Kenner This is the trilogy I should have read before Fifty Shades of Grey. Nikki and Damien are what I really look for in a couple. Damien wants Nikki, needs Nikki, protects Nikki (no matter the cost), and believe it or not, Nikki loves Damien. Sounds like a boring trilogy, huh? Well, not so fast, cowboy. Two messed up lives don’t add up to make one perfect life together, despite what Nikki and Damien want. And this is the crux of the trilogy – down to the basics – can they rely on each other to weather the storm their lives have turned into? Will they accept that they are perfect for each other?

This was the ending we all needed for Nikki and Damien. It was worth the torture ;)

Story / Tempo

This is going to be a (relatively) short review for me because I’m finding it hard to find things to say about this series that I haven’t already said in my previous two reviews! You can check them out HERE and HERE. Being a trilogy, this book is the grand finale to story of Nikki and Damien. And although it took a bit to get to their HEA (we’re talking all the way to the very last word!), every minute was an exciting ride. And NO, it wasn’t all about the sex! Yes, there IS that.

But the story was really good! It flowed well, didn’t lull, drove me bonkers a few times (characters are known to do that sometimes), and I enjoyed every minute of it. Ms. Kenner, you wrote a great ending to the book. I liked it, corny as it was, it fit them so well after how far they journeyed. Thank you.


Meh… I’m not going to go into too much detail here. Haven’t changed my mind on Nikki or Damien. Love them to pieces. Additional characters needed to be throttled at various times in the story but other than that, I have no changes to my opinions of the characters of the story(s). Carry on.

If you’ve read the first two books in the series, run out and grab Complete Me TODAY. You will not be sorry you did. If you haven’t started this trilogy and are looking for something to feed your need for some comfort reading of the smutty-romance variety (no offense but that’s what I call romance with extra loving added), seriously… RUN and start reading the first book, Release Me ASAP.

I’m not that controlling, am I?

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