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Ten Tiny Breaths: A Novel

Ten Tiny Breaths  - K.A. Tucker I really hadn’t planned on reading this. Yes, I know… it’s new adult so of course I should read it. But really, I don’t plan on reading all the new adult books I do. They just kind of happen… seriously.

Ten Tiny Breaths was highly… no wait, it was HUGELY recommended to me by one of my blogger friends. And then I saw the third book in this series, Four Seconds to Lose, was out and available so I went for it. Who doesn’t love a series that you can rip through one right after the other? Turns out, Ten Tiny Breaths was nothing like what I was expecting…. it was different and it was awesome!

Kacey and her little sister, Livie, live with their aunt and uncle who took over guardianship when their parents were killed in a car accident. Life still isn’t going so well for these two so Kacey packs up her sister and off they head to the opposite of cold, dreary Michigan… Miami, Florida! Kacey has been stashing money away and is mature enough to have thought her plans through to where Livie will be enrolling in high school and Kacey will be getting a job. Kacey even has an apartment waiting for them once they get down there.

What isn’t expected are they people they meet. Characters that force Kacey to deal with her past, who she is, and ultimately her own feelings of trust and ability to love.

Here’s the reason why I was surprised by how different this story is: you’re going along reading about how Kacey and Livie have had a crappy time with losing their entire family in a drunk driving accident. Yep, I’ve read stories like that before. So we’re going to have a hero come in and heal Kacey so she can love again, right? We read that story a lot, don’t we? But that’s not the HEA we get here… exactly…

The book ends up being so much more! It really becomes a huge “stew” of characters who help Kacey heal.

I loved how Kacey and Livie found a best friend and mini-family in their next door neighbors Storm (Nora) and her daughter Mia. I really enjoyed that despite Livie being a secondary character, you could understand her and her personality immediately. I couldn’t wait to get to her book next!! And Trent with his stalking to the laundromat… *swoon*. His sections deserved a re-read after I was done with the book ;)

Oh, man… I wish I could go on but… Those of you who’ve read this know what I can’t speak of. Suffice it to say, there is a twist to this story that, NO JOKE, had me out of breath the last 20% of the book!

If you love new adult and you don’t know anything about the twist to the book, you MUST read this one. I cannot more strongly add my recommendation to this first book in the Ten Tiny Breaths series!

Seriously, out. of. breath!!!!

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