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A Little Too Hot

A Little Too Hot - Lisa Desrochers Best story out of all three! Dang, Lisa, you nailed it with this story: Sam, Harrison, setting, plot, action *runs screaming in circles*. Okay, not really so dramatic... Full review, like, tomorrow :)

Full Review:

The third book in the A Little Too Far series by Lisa Desrochers completely held me in it’s grip for it’s entire 284 pages. I needed pages 285, 286, 287… I went into this book thinking it was just going to be a typlcal “Cinderella” story with heat added. I was not expecting the intriguing story I got, the action, and to ultimately like both Sam and Harrison. And what happened to Sam? I never saw it coming!! But more on my freak out in a moment…

Sam is a total screw up, or so she’s been told. She’s just lost her job and has been cut off by her family ever since she flunked out of college for partying too much and not making it to class. Doesn’t sound like a very endearing character, right? Stay with me, though.

Her last chance before being homeless is her best friend, Jonathan. Problem is she needs a job and needs one fast to help pay rent. He takes her to a gentleman’s club they both know because they are short dancers. Because the dancers don’t take their clothes off, Sam’s open to the idea but it’s not easy for her.

It took me a while to figure out where the character Sam is originally from. It’s been a while since I read A Little Too Far. She’s Lexie’s best friend who dated Trent. Another reason why I wasn’t sure I was going to like Sam. But once you read her, hear her voice (because she’s the narrator), and understand “where she’s coming from”, you can’t help but root for her. She’s completely loyal to her friends and her quick wit and sass was so refreshing.

Now Harrison, where do I start? Of course he’s hot and he commands a room with his presence, at least for Sam. But he has his own issues, buried beneath the surface and not quite as obvious as Sam’s. I really liked the attributes that Ms. Desrochers wrote into Harrison’s character. He’s incredibly smart, extremely athletic, and very mature. He’s exactly the type of person Sam needs in her life right now. Except that’s where the story comes in….

So I mentioned earlier that I had a bit of a freak out while reading this. It wasn’t so much of a freak out as a “sitting-on-the-edge-of-my-seat, swiping-the-pages-like-a-madwoman” kind of experience. Ms. Desrochers did a phenomenal job writing this book. She set up the plot, introduced the characters, let the story play out a bit, and then took us off on a crazy train. There was action, a murder investigation, and more importantly romance. Since I wasn’t expecting all this from a NA romance, I was giddy with book love for this outstanding storyline.

The plot moved along great with maybe only a tiny lull here or there. Nothing I would ever care or give a second thought about.

I really wish I could discuss this book with someone who’s read it because there’s so much to the storyline and there’s a few ways this story can be interpreted (ie. this could be a “love it” or “hate it” book). I absolutely loved it because I completely understood Sam: how young she was, how her habits got formed, and how she ended up in the situation she did.

And, if you’re not feeling particularly deep, this book still does a fine job wrapping up the A Little Too Far series with a hot little romance that gives you a nice HEA. Did you really think there wouldn’t be a HEA? tsk, tsk…

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